Quality for more than 80 years!

Faultless products and satisfied customers are the main targets of our business activities.  

Therefore we have set up a comprehensive quality management System in order to monitor and optimise constantly all processes and departments. 

2008 our productions departments "bars" and "contract packaging" were accredited according to IFS Food Higher Level. 3 years later also our departments "cream wafers" and "wafer cuts" got that certificate.

Our aim to supply our customers with A1 quality products is realised in different areas:


Purchasing and production

* first-class products are made of first-class raw materials.

Therefore we use carefully selected raw materials and we attach importance to close and long-term cooperations with our suppliers.


* safe products and documentation without gaps from the beginning until the end 

Therefore we control regularly the quality of raw materials in our own laboratory and work closely together with external labs. Additonally we can backtrace every lot throughout the whole production process.


Customer Relationship Management

* We think: Long-term and successful customer Relations need time to develop! 

Therefore we take care from product development until delivery of your ordered goods and we support you throughout your project. And afterwards? Even after delivery we are open to your ideas and wishes!


Social responsibility 

* Satisfied employees are the key for commitment and creativity. 

Therefore each employee is an important part of our team and we support regional clubs and projects. 


* We know: Our most important supplier is our nature! 

Therefore environmental compatibilty and an efficient management of ressources are important for us! We use electricity coming mainly from renewable energy sources and we are member of the Round Table on Sustainable Palmoil.

Organic, without gluten and lactose? - Yes, of course! 

In order to meet the requirements of specific consumer groups, we provide all necessary evidence and produce by default products marked "organic", "glutenfree", " lactosefree" and suitable for babies. Other specifications are checked on demand regarding their feasibility.

you can find our current certificates and registration here.