More than 400.000 wafer sheets per day

Otto Beier Waffelfabrik GmbH is one of Germany's biggest manufacturer of wafers. Founded in 1933 we are today a specialist for various kinds of wafers: Wafer sheets for industrial purposes, molded wafers (e.g. edible cups and dishes), wafer crumbs.



50 million bars per year

Innovative spirit and entrepreneurship were the basis for setting up a second business branch: the manufacturing of fruit bars, nut-fruit bars and cereal bars for German and foreign trademarks.

With our modern production facilities we can produce up to 50 million bars per year! We use raw materials of first class quality for our production of tasty bars. Our assortment consists of fruit bars as well as products with nuts, cereals, with or without oblates, with or without chocolate, and many more variants.

Many of our products are organic or suitable for small children and people suffering from celiac disease.