Constant investment and development

Due to constant investment in our facilities and staff we are one of the most modern manufacturers of wafers in Europe. Our new and partly automated production plants allow us to keep a "Trendsetter" position in the market. This is the basis for our innovative strength, which we can use in turn for developments. Besides quality we assume our capability to answer market or customers’ requests in a very fast way as one of the main factors of our success!

Some years ago we started producing fruit and cereal bars. Meanwhile we have become a well known and reliable manufacturer for private label products in this Food segment.

Do you have a great idea and are you looking for a partner to realise it? We have the experience!


New products, substances, ingredients and formulas are analysed and tested by our specialist in food technology.

We have a close co-operation with engineers, who design and create all single components. That means: we have in our hands the complete process - from the first product sample / prototype to mass production. It’s our customers, who mainly benefit from these structures, activities and experiences!

You are involved in all phases of the development process, so that you can follow the way how your idea becomes a real product to be enjoyed.